Days at work can extend to a long stretch that don’t end in productivity. Some days, it feels like you’re putting too much effort in trying to be productive that you end up not doing anything at all. Sometimes, you have a squirrel moment that spirals into, you developing a keen interest on how to knit. Other times the stress of having to deliver  somehow forces you to pull out your hair and you feel overwhelmed.

Don’t worry.  You’re not in the minority. When people have too much to do or when we’re convinced, we tend to freeze. This has all to do with the psychology behind choosing. The more numerous our tasks, the more difficult it is to choose. Hence, the overwhelming feeling. It’s the same at  work. The more you have to do the less you will actually do.

However, there are ways to minimize the stress and stop being overwhelmed. Here’s what worked for us:

  • Write it down

There is something about writing down on paper that makes things feel real. So avoid creating a checklist on your computer or phone.  Write it down. This creates positive momentum.


  • Easy tasks first

Block fifteen minutes and do the easiest, most trivial fast to accomplish tasks. Make your phone calls, send your emails. Update your report. It doesn’t matter if it’s just cleaning your desk or organizing your desktop. Do it. This will create the feeling that you’re getting things done. Do this for 15 minutes and not more. Otherwise you might find yourself patting your own back for doing literally nothing.


  • Then the “difficult” stuff

It’ s in quotes because, it’s all about mindset and attitude.  This where you turn off your phone and get to the most difficult taks on your list. Keep pushing on. Without hesitation or distraction for the next half hour or so.


Rinse. Repeat.

This model of approaching tasks works because the specificity and closed nature of the time blocks. They tell our minds that it will end. It being the stress.  These time blocks, help our efforts and develop the good kind of stress. The kind that knows it’s going to go soon. Not the other kind. The one where it feels like it never goes away.

Let us know what methods you use to push on during especially hard times at the office.



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