There are no ends, just new beginnings. For many fresh graduates leaving college has two faces, end of something and beginning of something else. It is the transition they have been waiting for, a time to step into the market place, a time to step forward from a lifetime of learning into a career.

We discuss some tips that can help fresh graduates transit from the classroom to the office successfully.

  1. Open-mindedness.

To start with, as a fresh grad, you need to walk with an open mind. Rigidity can be your undoing. Try and work with as many different types of people and in as many different situations as possible. How is this possible? You can offer to volunteer for some interesting projects for instance. Make a point of introducing yourself to someone new every day and embrace the uncomfortable nature of not knowing everything.

  1. Be collaborative.

Any successful company thrives on teamwork. In college, you needed to be self-focused. However, in the job market, it is all about the interest of the company. There is an old saying, “there is no “I” in a team.” If you cannot collaborate, you will have a hard time, and consequently you will not get any fulfillment out of your day. Thumb rule, do not be a loner, embrace the team spirit.

  1. Wear patience up your sleeves

Things will not go as you would want them to. Do not quit. Rather, use these moments in time as opportunities to propel your own self-awareness and growth. Remember you cannot run away when something doesn’t go your way. Stay involved and be an embodiment of the change you so long to see.

  1. Flexibility will take you far

Even if you don’t want to love your first job, do it well anyway. Give it your best as you find ways to empower yourself and others, to do their part well. The whole idea is to prove useful and resourceful to the organization.What this means at the end is that; your leaders, co-workers and even other companies will want you in their team. An entry-level job is an opportunity that will open many doors for your success. If you can be good for the business, the business will be good to you. If you can persist and do a job you don’t like well, imagine what you can do when you find your passion.

  1. A Little Resilience

Back in school, failure is a sign that you did not learn and may not even graduate. It is clear as day. However, in your career there will be times you will fail. When you do, there are huge valuable lessons that you can take with you to the rest of your working life. Learn to handle your mistakes with grace and turn them into action rather than inaction. Don’t hang your head. Bounce back and take what you have learned and move forward.

  1. Be Proactive

What ail most organizations are employees who are reactors- people who wait for things to go out of order in order to find solutions.There are people who want things to happen, others wish things would just happen, and there is the category of people who make things happen. Get involved in the business and find ways to be proactive, to be hands on. Utilize your strengths to drive impact, identify areas of weakness where your involvement in certain projects will help refine your set of skills.

  1. Be humble

Any great personality, will tell you freely that they did not ascend their career ladder alone. You will need many mentors throughout your career. This will call for you to be open-minded and also humble. You will find interesting people you can learn from all over the place.

  1. Be Inquisitive

Learning never ends. Stay on the top of what is happening around you. Follow trends that will help you be better. Read books that interest you. If you maintain a passion for learning you will never feel irrelevant.

  1. Be gracious

Lastly as you find success, make sure you also highlight the “how” over the “what.” Remember it isn’t just about scoring touchdowns and putting points on the board, but also acknowledging the result of work others have done to help you. Bring people along for the ride and never dismiss the contributions others have made in your career.

With these tips, your first job or rather transition will be smooth and bring along fruits that propel your further in your career path.

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