Greatness is created. It takes time and efforts to be finally termed as great.

In the workplace, when we talk about great employers it is important to note that at the center of all these is all about people. People are right at the heart of every company and therefore, taking care of them is important to the success of your business too. Becoming thoughtful of the surroundings and empathetic with people’s needs is an uphill journey and requires a great deal of efforts and constant commitment.

Here are some nine things great employers do daily to make them great:

  1. They continually self-motivate

Employers carry the dream of the company. To stay on top of the war of talents, there is something great employers are always taking care of while performing their job: self-motivation. You can be self-motivated when a clear vision and the knowledge of how every single work impacts the big picture are well cemented within you. Individuals who are self-motivated find an inner drive in every little achievement, along with the optimism they need to improve at a personal level and to meet the business standards.

  1. They nurture and build a talent pipeline

Being able to build a strong pool of talent is key to driving the company’s success. You can start with identifying, engaging and nurturing high potential employees at all levels.

  1. Engage with Talents

The key word here is engagement. The employers’ efforts to move a segment of the population would be pointless without a consistent, authentic and deep outreach. Platforms like give access to conversations with potential candidates who can share their stories and reveal their employable skills, individual passions and involvement in other activities or side projects.

  1. They Listen

We have people who hear but don’t actually listen. In order to have a people-centric aptitude, great employers must be smart listeners before anything else. Employers of choice do a great deal of listening to discover potential needs and solve problems. Great employers listen to their customers, executives, admin as assistants and everything in between. From this they are able to use the knowledge learnt to identify arising issues and sort things out.

  1. Maximizing on time

Great employers know very well that time is money. However, with the responsibilities in their hands maximizing time is not an easy task as it may look. And to conquer this, they come with mechanisms that will effectively help them maximize on time and achieve full potential.

  1. They are supportive of their Managers and the Team

The basis of any great workplace lies in a culture of mutual trust that gets the management and the workforce to compliment their needs. Great employers have the role of inspiring, motivating and encouraging improvement and development of the staff day, after day. They do so by reiterating the objectives, highlighting transparency, creating rituals of recognition and so forth.

  1. They are well informed

Great employers have a keen eye on the emerging trends. They stay ahead of the curve; top employers are always stretching their imaginations to be up to date and ready to embrace change, with everything which it entails. They also read widely, research and simply sniff around for information. Although it is part of our nature to stick to what worked in the past, they rather try new things and challenge the usual course. This is the only way to keep at par with the ever-evolving and increasingly diverse workforce.

  1. Tracking the mood of the employees

This is usually a huge one. Creating an employee-first company culture is not enough to keep your people fully engaged and satisfied. As dynamics shift and business ebbs and flows, a great employer will track the mood of the employees to identify what can be done to restore the energies and enthusiasm. The whole idea is to refuel an atmosphere of positivity which will eventually boost productivity at the workplace.

  1. They communicate quantitative results

Lastly all great employers ensure their employees have access to tangible results so that they can maintain momentum towards the larger goal of the business. When it comes to great accomplishments, numbers usually talk, and top employers let their employees know how they contributed to the organizational goals and objectives. This is because straightforward communication with employees on remarkable results is crucial both to strengthen the sense of ownership and create a deeper sense of accountability.


Source : Ethiojobs

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