Everything has a genesis, and most of the time there is nothing much to write home about. Internships, for instance aren’t typically known for their prestige but come with a bunch of exaggerated stereotypes. It is not a glamorous position to be in, and more often than not, pays almost nothing. However, it is no secret that internships are one of the very best ways to get your foot in the door of your desired career, to make contacts, collect references and to boost that all important “Experience” part of your CV.

Here are some practical tips on how to turn an internship into a fulltime job:

  1. To begin with; be sure you want a job with the company you are interning with. Internship will offer you an opportunity to see if you would enjoy working permanently for the company and how well you fit in the organizational culture. Once you are convinced the employer is the right one for you, your enthusiasm-based on the real-world insider knowledge- will be a major plus in helping you land a full time job there.
  2. Take initiative. There are times your supervisor will be busy and might not be there to constantly check with you. If you have nothing to do, take matters into your own hands and find something to do. This simple gesture will say a lot about your work ethics and you enthusiasm of wanting to work in that company. Remember, internship may be one of the highlights of your career, but to them you are probably one of the many interns that come through the door. So if they don’t seem to take an interest in you, do not let this deflate you, try and find ways of standing out and creating an impression.
  3. Be focused. Be the first in and the last out. Treat your internship like a full-time paying job; this means you show up on time and perform your role
    (s) exceptionally. Work hard and show a willingness to do what needs to be done. For instance, work on distasteful assignments that come your way no matter how menial they seem. Do not assume that your education equips you with so much knowledge that executing low-level projects is beneath you. As you work hard, strive to give your best. Give quality a priority for every project you undertake and do it with uttermost professionalism.    Go above and beyond expectations. This will send a message that you understand what it takes to have the job done.


  1. Be persistent. The job market is competitive, and there is a reason you were hired as an intern in the first place. Be persistent and give your best because most companies are more likely to take a known performing candidate over an unknown one.
  2. Be direct about wanting the job. Do not expect anyone to guess what you want, be direct about it. At the end of the internship, ask for career opportunities. It is vital to let your supervisors know that you are interested in more than just an internship. Otherwise they will just look for another intern to fill in your role. Be vigilant for opportunities to create a position. Look for employer’s needs that aren’t currently being met and consider proposing a job to meet those needs.
  3. Build good networks. Make an effort to establish a relationship with the human resource department, the managers and recruiters. Impress them with your winning personality and can-do attitude. Network with co-workers both during and outside of working hours. Everyone you meet is a prospective member of your network and the more people who know you and your work, the more champions you will have when it comes to turning your internship into a job. Having a cordial relationship with your manager will make it much easier for you to approach him/her when you might otherwise be hesitant to do so.
  4. Take a genuine interest in the job. From the word go, you should realize that internship is not just for the employer. It is a chance designed to help you grow your skills and experience. Be sure to learn as much as you can. Ask relevant questions; ask to sit in on meetings-anything that will help you grow your skills set. When your internship is coming to a close, schedule a meeting with your boss to get feedback, ask about any job opportunities in the company, and most important, ask them to be a reference in your CV.

Equipped with these practical tips, there is a high possibility of your internship turning out into a full time job.


Source : Ethiojobs

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