In every experience there is a lesson. Wisdom is learning from other people’s mistakes. When it comes to job search, many candidates find their endeavors crawling at snail’s pace when it is supposed to be cruising at a high altitude. Here are some common mistakes many candidates do when searching for jobs and best insights on how to avoid such pitfalls:

  1. To start with, many candidates lack discipline and structure.

Most candidates fail in searching for jobs because they shy from common discipline and simple structures that make this process smooth. You should treat your job search process as a job in itself. Apply the same discipline and structure to your activities that you would apply to your job. For instance, create a to do list, a sort of a ledger where you record your researches on companies you intend to drop your CVs, initial introduction letters you intend to send, follow-up calls, follow up notes, interviews and such.  Keeping an accurate record of your activities will keep you objective on your job search and eventually help you clinch that dream job.

  1. “Measure twice, shoot oncePoor research.

Mails and phone calls to companies you know very little about will rarely yield positive results. Doing a good research can help you in three different ways:

  1. It will help you find the focus you need to target the right companies and also positions.
  2. A good research will reveal those skills and character traits that you need to highlight in your CV and other correspondence with the firm you are researching on. From your research activities you will be able to discern whether you are suited to jobs you are pursuing, in background, skills and temperaments.
  3. In case you get invited for an interview, a thorough research will give you an upper hand in that you will sound like an insider. Even if you have never worked in that particular field before, talking the industry language and being aware of the company and industry developments will impress the people interviewing you.
  1. Third common mistake; Poor CV

If your CV has poor focus, major omissions, spelling, and grammar mistakes and lacks emphasis on pertinent skills, the probability that you will be eliminated in the search process is very high. Make sure your CV represents you in the best possible light and that it is geared for the job you are targeting. Highlight those skills and attributes your research efforts have indicated would be in demand for the job.

  1. Lack of a cover letter

Your cover letter is your chance to really sell yourself and highlight exactly those skills and personal attributes you think the employer is looking for. Write a glowing cover letter that will make the employer be eager to read your CV and meet with you. Too many CVs sent out without a cover letter get little more than a quick glance from employers. Letters that are dull, boring, too long or lacking in enthusiasm rarely make the mark too.

  1. Poor networking is the other common mistake in job searching

Many candidates make the mistake of networking just to “sell themselves” for an immediate opportunity or to be referred to a company hiring at the present time. Effective networking is a long term: a give-and-take process that puts you on the inside track in the area that interests you and establishes you in the running for any attractive position that comes up in the future.

  1. Careless follow-up

Sadly, sending a mass of CVs and waiting for the companies to contact you is not one of the most favorable job search strategy.

The key lies in following up. Plan your follow-up strategy and execute it well. You can do this by phone to make sure the relevant manager has received your CV. You can follow up again to ask for a meeting, or follow up with notes regularly until you have received some form of a response.

  1. Poor interview skills

Let’s assume your stars have shined your way and you have made it to the interview stage. You probably have all the credentials, experience and skills that an employer is looking for. Do not put into risk your chances by short-selling yourself at this stage or otherwise misrepresenting yourself.

These common mistakes are just a mirror of the pitfalls you should avoid as you pursue that dream job.


Source : Ethiojobs

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