The beauty of humanity lies in diversity: the uniqueness of finding oneness in a medley of differences. Diversity is a way of thinking and operating that encourages a new and positive outlook in a company and in the process promoting acceptance, respect and teamwork. Companies and organizations that are able to overcome diversity issues tend to achieve greater productivity, profit and high employee morale. It is therefore imperative to say that it is the responsibility of any serious company to include impartiality, fairness, and unbiased treatment of its employees in their day-to-day activities.

Below are 6 tips employers can use to instill a culture of diversity in their organizations:


  1. Encouraging a free flow of ideas

People bear divergent views of the world around them. It is therefore, the duty of the employer to create a working environment that encourages employees to learn from each other and to communicate freely and openly. As an employer, you should push your employees to voice their opinions and ideas freely. This is only possible in an environment where the employees’ thought processes and ideas are not restricted, of course, within acceptable boundaries.

  1. Cultivating an innovative culture

If your organization is diverse and encourages a variety of thoughts, innovation will automatically make its way into your culture. Encourage your employees to think outside the box and strive to provide a system that emboldens innovation and creative ideas towards problem solving and decision making processes. People from different cultures often have different, yet great ideas. Promoting cultures during brainstorming sessions and healthy debates can often increase innovation and productivity in your organization.

  1. Teamwork

In a multicultural organization it can be a tough challenge to manage people from different cultural backgrounds. In this case, it is extremely important to encourage teamwork and provide ethics and diversity-related training to your employees. As an employer you should provide guidelines on how to deal with issues emanating from diversity in your company and this is a sure way of having a flourishing teamwork. This can be made easier also by constructing work teams with diversity in mind. Assemble groups of people who represent varied working styles, generations, skills and cultures. Boost collaboration and synergy among employees through embracing differences as much as synergy achieved through recognizing similarities.

  1. Treating all employees fairly

Make sure you give the same rights to all employees. This basically means that all staff has the right to be treated equally. Equal treatment in this case means equality in terms of compensation, career advancement and growth prospects. This is a sure way of setting a good foundation for a happy, loyal and productive workforce. Equality should also feature employment opportunities.

Develop and implement an equal opportunity employment policy, where the goal is to establish a commendable hiring practice that is age, race, gender and minority neutral. You can create a committee to help implement the policy and come up with new ideas on how to attract more diversity to the company.

  1. Inspire your staff to network

Encourage your employees to join networking sites or other platforms, where they will meet like-minded people. Help them connect with specialist in their field to learn from diversity of thought and innovations above anything else. This will help your staff in a great way, in the sense that they will keep an open eye and mind and widen their perspective in their various fields of specialization and interest.

  1. Give new hires a reason to stay

Devote an equal amount of time and effort in retaining new employees. Familiarize them with the new job and company culture. The first few weeks can be the most difficult time for the employees. Take this chance to show them that they have a future in the company. Clearly communicate the opportunities that are there for advancement. In the process you can set up mentoring programs in order to build close working relationships.

In conclusion, it is a smart move to have a diverse workforce – one in which many views are represented and everyone’s talent and input is valued.


Source : Ethiojobs

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