We all strive to find meaning in what we do. And, in the process of seeking fulfillment, there is a desire to be noticed, a desire for our efforts to be appreciated and above all that, to grow. Getting noticed at workp by your superiors has its own perks: from pay raises, to promotions, to treats and such. We all desire that, right? Therefore, it is right to say that you will need to do things that make you stand out from the others, and in this case stand out in a good way. Here are some tips that will make you get noticed at work by your employer.

  1. First getting organized

Clatter blurs clarity. Organizing your tasks can be the most time-saving task, and an easy way to catch the attention of your employer. As you handle more and more responsibilities, there is likelihood that you start feeling overwhelmed. The surge of emails, texting, tweeting and everything else, makes it more challenging to stay on top of your game. However, a simple trick on getting organized is prioritizing urgent items, dealing with short requests quickly, deleting junk and putting less pressing matters on a to-do list. The message this aspect will send to your employer is that you are reliable and you are in charge of your circumstances.

  1. Strengthening your relationships

Human interactions are all about relationships; be calculative when it comes to building them. Cultivate an open line of communication and readiness to accept ideas and feedback. Usually a feedback culture is the best culture for growth. Strengthen your relationship with your superiors and exchange feedback. Put yourself in the mindset of your boss.  The most effective strategy is to empathize and discover your boss’s style, so that you can imagine what he or she is looking for in an employee. When you figure out your boss’s style and orientation, then you can stay one step ahead.

It does not stop at that, forge strong relationships with colleagues outside your immediate area of responsibility. Ally with people who can help you achieve your dreams. Look for employees who have been there a longer time and who may be overlooked by others, those who work in human resources, staffers in the information technology department, even security guards and cleaning staff who have probably absorbed much more about the firm than you realize.

No employer would resist an employee you values relationships.

  1. Growth isn’t for the faint-hearted

The game changers in life are those that see new opportunities and seize them.    For you to get noticed by people up top, you must be willing to go the extra mile, you have to see beyond the ordinary. Have the courage to embrace new opportunities that often pose as challenges. These new challenges will tremendously improve your capacity, your knowledge, and will help you expand your network around the office and beyond. Being courageous and proactive on taking new challenges will put you in a favorable and more trustworthy place with your superiors and everyone will look at you as a valuable asset.

  1. Hone your listening skills

Focus on listening. Apart from your boss of course, pay close attention to your colleagues and subordinates too. At work you may often feel like your performance is gauged by how much you talk. However, listening closely to what others say can be even more useful and garner more appreciation from co-workers. To your employer, good listening skills translate to sound judgment and excellent decision-making skills.

  1. Preparedness

Be proactive in all you do. For instance try getting to work early. Even 15 minutes can make a difference. If you can swing an early arrival, you will get a step ahead of the day’s tasks. Also, before you undertake any task make sure to do plenty of research and prep work.

  1. Excel in every task, everyday

Shy away from mediocrity and pettiness. Being average will not get you noticed. To stand out, your work and performance must be outstanding. Look for ways you can go above and beyond the daily requirements to demonstrate your value to the organization.


With these tips on how to get noticed your work place, the sky is the limit. Greatness and success awaits you. See you at the top!


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