Leadership trickles down to influence and responsibility. Whether you are managing director of a major institution, or just a small business owner with a few employees, you’ll face the daily challenges of leadership and responsibility. Employees look up to you for guidance, feedback and wisdom. But reality is, people are different. Not all bosses are created equal. There are those who are more respected and admired than others, while others go down as the worst bosses the employees have ever had. We look at things that the most respected do every day.

  1. Ability to delegate.

To start with, the most respectable bosses know their team and their team’s abilities. They know who to delegate responsibilities to and who not. They value the trust that is borne from entrusting someone with some responsibilities and knowing they will deliver. This is from knowing and understanding the different personalities under their care and valuing professionalism. Great bosses shy away from micromanaging their staff and this leads to more productivity a sense of belonging and trust.

  1. Walking the thin line of a boss and a friend

There is a thin line between being respected and being liked. Therefore, it is very important to strike a balance between being a boss and being a friend. A respected boss walks this important line every day, maintaining authority while still treating his employees with kindness and humor. Certain professional relationships are bound to become friendships, since co-workers share in both the victories and the challenges of the workplace. The boss has to be a real person to his or her team and not an unapproachable personality. Nonetheless, a good boss knows how to draw a line to maintain professionalism.

  1. Great bosses do not hear, they listen

When employees feel heard, they have a greater sense of participation and the workplace morale is higher. People doing the hands-on work on the organization can frequently see problems from perspectives that escape managers and hence it is of value to listen carefully to employees’ concerns when they come up.

Many people believe that authority is best wielded by speaking the loudest but the most respected bosses always make time to listen first and problem solve second.

  1. They uphold consistency

It is difficult, if not impossible, to lead effectively if you are unpredictable. The most respected bosses are careful to maintain a level of consistency in their workplace behavior, leadership style and their rapport with employees. No matter what might be happening outside of work, good bosses care about having a positive office culture. They show up ready to put their best face to the organization. Erratic, impulsive behavior will make employees lose confidence. By staying consistent, a boss can maintain high expectations and employees will always know what is expected of them.

  1. Under pressure, great bosses know to keep their cool

There are bosses that manage their staff through fear and not respect. They are hot-tempered and quarrelsome, to the point that their employees are forced to tip-toe around them. Respected bosses are thoughtful and level-headed. They know how to maintain their cool even when under pressure. When things don’t turn out right, they take a breath and proceed calmly. In short they are in charge.

  1. They value feedback

Lastly, great bosses give frequent feedback to their employees on their performance. When somebody does good work and deserves praise, they do so promptly. On the other hand when an employee isn’t doing well, they clearly show them how they can improve. Respected bosses tell it like it is while also maintaining professional delivery. Workers benefit from this because they always know where they stand and how they need to improve.

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