One characteristic of successful people is that they are good time managers. Time management is a skill that anyone desiring to get anywhere in life must have. In an office setup, time management equals to productivity and above less stress. There will be times you wish there were five of you to do all your work in one stretch. It is always an uphill task to effectively manage time in the workplace, especially where there are many tasks at hand, and coupled by distractions. How then can you manage your time effectively in the workplace and maximize your productivity? How can you finish all your work on time and lead a stress-free life? Here are some five tips that can help you achieve this.

  • Firstly, learn to say ‘NO’ when required:

Most of the time it could be really hard to say no, especially to your senior, out of the fear of creating a bad impression or lessening your chances for promotion. Truth is, depending on how you say the “no” to some superiors you will come out as assertive-a trait that works to your advantage. Learning to say no doesn’t mean that you refuse flat out, rather you could say something like; I will not be able to fit it into my schedule right now, but I would be happy to do it at a later time. Or, it would be great if I did this task at another time, as I want to focus all my energy on the task at hand to produce the best results.

  • Secondly, keep what you need to do in front of your eyes:

Remember the adage, out of sight out mind? Keep what you need to do right there in front of your eyes, maybe in terms of sticky notes or a to-do list. Having a to-do list might seem cliché, but believe me, there is no better feeling than checking off completed tasks as the day unfolds. You could also go the old fashioned way, where at the beginning of the day, you write down everything that needs to be done in order of priority. The intention is to clear clatter and prioritize tasks without leaving out anything. You can also take advantage of the many apps in the market; they can come handy in helping you plan your day and as a result helping you manage your time effectively.

  • Work without play makes Abebe a dull boy:

Sometimes all you need to do to pull yourself together is go out of the office and take a work. Or switch your computer screen for some time and close your eyes. In short learn to take breaks to cool down and reenergize.

Working long hours at a stretch can be stressful. Taking breaks will improve your productivity and in the long run make you more efficient. As a result you will end up saving a lot of time.

  • Complete the “thinking tasks” when you are the most fresh:

In every profession, there are two types of tasks: those that require utmost focus and attention and those that can be done without much thinking.

With this in mind, learn to complete the tasks that require lots of thinking at the onset, let’s say before lunch when you are fresh and the lesser demanding tasks thereafter. In this way, tasks that require brain work can be completed faster thus saving plenty of time.

  • Manage your distractions effectively:

One of the toughest tasks in the office is being able to keep distractions at minimum. It is okay to drift once in a while, but the problem with social media and other idle web browsing is that one link often leads to another, and before you know it, an hour or more of your valuable time is gone. Give yourself some time limit when you can browse during the day and stick to that. This way you are able to focus on important work tasks, save time and be more productive at the workplace.


In conclusion time management trickles down to sheer discipline and commitment to a cause or goal. This comes with good planning, and sticking to your plans. The more effectively you are able to manage your time, the more productive you turn out to be and this has immeasurable impacts on you as an individual and the workplace on general.


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