Have you ever felt like there has to be more? That there is a way of making changes in whatever areas of your life to suit your best interests? This is a crisis most people experience when it comes to making a career change. Changing careers is not uncommon. In fact, on average, people change careers several times in their lifetime.

Some people do this out of the poor decisions they made at the beginning and their choices are catching up with them. It is also good to know that even though making informed decisions in regard to careers increases the likelihood of job satisfaction; there are no guarantees. You may follow all steps that should help you choose a right career for you, but may not remain your best choice forever. However, change is possible. So if you are totally unsatisfied in your current path, you should not feel guilty about exploring other options.


Below are five reasons why you should consider changing your career:


  1. Life Changes: Life comes with its bunch of curveballs and challenges. Change is inevitable, and the only option we have is to change and adapt. For instance you began your career has a single person and along the way you began a family. Juggling between family and crazy schedules, or frequent travels has become an uphill task. In such a case looking for an occupation that is more “family friendly” remains your only option.


  1. If the Job Outlook in your Field has worsened: There is a massive wave of change in how things are done in the job market now. Prospects were promising when you started out in your field; but because of changes in technology or economy, the industry you work in, has dwindling opportunities and from the look of it all, things are bound to get worse. In such a scenario, you should look for a career that has a better outlook.


  1. Experiencing Burnout: There was a time going to work used to give you a thrill, a sort of excitement, and you always looked forward to it. You no longer feel the same; it is laborious going to work, you actually dread it, and this comes with a bunch of excuses. Even after changing your employers and the feelings are still the same, then it is time to change careers. Burnout can also be a result of too much stress at work. There are occupations that are inherently stressful. If it gets to a point you cannot take it anymore, then it is time to make some career adjustments.


  1. If you fell into Your Current Career: Truthfully, some people are in some careers not out of their choices at all. They found themselves in these careers for the sake of bills and putting something on the table. If in your mind you cannot fathom being in this career in the next five years, then it is time you made a move. If your career is a result of a series of random twists and turns rather than something you consciously pursued then there is need to do a re-evaluation to access your personality and interests, aspects that will lead you to something you enjoy doing. You can also try to figure out transferable skills from your current career and determine what you need to acquire in order to be successful.


  1. How about some more money? It is everyone’s dream to make more money. However, it is good to know that, getting more money doesn’t necessarily bring job satisfaction. If you definitely cannot live the way you desire on your current salary and there are no prospects of getting a pay raise, then you should consider changing careers and choose an occupation that has a higher earning potential.


In conclusion, changing the course of your career, especially if you’ve been in the same field for a while, isn’t and won’t be easy, and it is never prompt: career paths, nowadays, are not a straight line. However, no matter your reasons for choosing to change careers, there are right options for you out there. All you need is research your options, weigh your strengths, learn new skills and reinforce your resolve to make that change; the rest, as they say, will be history.


Source: Ethiojobs

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