A wise employer is aware that fresh graduates are a great asset to any company. This is in the sense that they are up-to-date on developing trends and technology, are extremely ambitious, can be easily trained, and of course, bring in brand new ideas and fresh perspective to an organization.

In fact, lower salary expectations and willingness to follow instructions are the two main reasons why some industries tend to hire more graduates than others. Here are some tips to help you as an employer to attract top graduate talent to your organization.

  1. Invest in creating your company culture

There is a trend nowadays where the young generation wants to work at a company where they feel comfortable, inspired, motivated and encouraged to succeed. As an employer you need to embrace an employee-centric culture, which promotes a fun, hardworking and creative environment, and emphasizes on the importance of transparency, honest communication and recognition. Draw attention to what makes your company to stand out from the rest.

Fresh graduates look for flexi-hours, award programs, fun celebrations, open workspaces and diverse teams. They are also attracted to being part of such a culture. A recent research shows most fresh graduates consider a comfortable office environment, a fun working atmosphere and flexible working hours among the top 10 factors when selecting a job.

  1. Promote your company as a top employer

A common characteristic with today’s generation is enthusiasm. They want to see and feel that their work is part of a greater purpose. Therefore, when drafting your job descriptions, emphasize your company’s values, vision and mission. Put it across openly and demonstrate that your organization exists for something that goes beyond mere profitability, and that work contributes directly towards everyone’s good. Consider Corporate Social Responsibility activities – such as youth outreach programs, eco-friendly initiatives and community involvement projects. These will go a long way in illustrating you as a philanthropic company.

  1. Provide career growth opportunities

When hiring, present fresh candidates with a clear career path, highlighting the opportunities they will have to nurture their skills and grow within the company.

Research shows many graduates will leave or stay within a company depending on the career development opportunities available. Show them that there is in fact ample room to learn and develop their careers, and climb the corporate ladder eventually. These simple incentives will not only create loyalty but morale to perform and give the best for the rewards awaiting them.

  1. Go digital

The world has turned digital. There is no sane employer who has not embraced technology to boost productivity. You rarely see a millennial without a smart-phone, a table or a laptop anymore. For instance you can run a blog where you post fresh, functionally useful, and interesting content for your target audience. You can engage your candidates on your social profiles as well as on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn and such.

You can also advertise your jobs online and send notifications to candidates who are interested in your job vacancies. Corporate videos and a photo gallery are also great ways to advertise your culture and grab the attention of young talent looking for a great work environment and top job assignments.

  1. Cultivate and encourage diversity and innovation

By promoting an innovative and diverse workplace, your company demonstrates that it is open to new ideas and talents. Fresh graduates want to start building a career right away, and are eager to feel that their thoughts and ideas are heard and considered. Instead of treating them as inexperienced candidates who require a lot of training, look at them as talent that can bring in innovative ideas and help your organization grow. Besides, it is always good for a company to have fresh talent kick start innovative ideas and projects.

It is a thin line of balance attracting, hiring and retaining graduates. There are multiple challenges, but depending on how well you strategize the results are worthy a trial. All it requires as an employer is creative strategies in attracting these young talents. A point of caution is that you will need to have clear guidelines and objective control measures to measure and monitor productivity.

With all these set, there is nothing to stop you from succeeding.


Source : Ethiojobs

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