In a world where, by default, people tend to stay in one career path. Often, life defines it. Other times parents and demands of a job market that saturates quite quickly. However, it is very rare for people (in Addis Ababa at least) to choose a career path and stick with it. This fact is more evident in the younger generation just starting out. They are more frustrated at the job market and are often blamed for jumping around and not having enough strength to last through the “bad” phase of their employment. But have you ever asked why this is the sentiment of the majority of job seekers? We’ve done some digging and the problem start with how young people are prepared for the job market.

The education system, in its current state, doesn’t foster creativity and teach basic skills that are necessary for any person to succeed in the job market. Instead, most Ethiopians attending this system are sold on the notion that getting a degree (or a post-graduate degree) coupled with hard-work is enough to have good jobs. Upon entry, to the job market (earlier sometimes) they are often taken aback when they realize that their degree and education doesn’t prepare them for the challenges they will face in securing a job and actually preforming certain tasks.

In the race of preparing young people with hard skills before they enter the job market, their individuality is often ignored. In this process, some students are left under-prepared for the challenges of working in a job that doesn’t take their individuality into account. This is also worsened by the lack of career guidance; people think in terms of jobs rather than setting up long term goals for a fulfilling career.

The economy might not seem like it is welcoming of career minded people. Especially, when things like family, rent and food costs are factored in. It’s a struggle. However, long term goals are the recipe for a fulfilling career no matter how far you are in the job world.



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