In a time where knowledge can be useful one day and obsolete the next, it has become increasingly crucial to update yourself whenever you can. Getting hired isn’t the last step in the work-world, one needs to consciously work on updating himself/herself. Several researches suggest that the relation between employment sustainability and learning is far too strong to ignore. Employees who can learn new skills are more likely to adapt to the changing requirements of a company. In addition, to being seen as ambitious and highly motivated by employers. This is even more important in professionals involved in fields like Marketing, Computer Science and IT. With all this in mind, here are a few tips to get ahead in this ever-competitive job market.

1) Identify your weak spots Are there any areas of your job you’d rather not see until the very last minute of your workday? Do they make you want to bang your head in with a stapler to avoid doing it and calling in sick? If so, note them down and seek advice from those you wish to emulate. Improving these areas will not only show your employer that you mean business but also will make your work days much smoother

2) Keep track of the latest trend With a nine-five (most of the times later) work schedule, it is increasingly hard to update yourself on what’s new in the modern professional world. Keeping yourself updated on work trends can help you pit your current strength against what’s currently in demand. Looking at job descriptions in your area of work is especially helpful if you are looking for employment.

3) Keep those soft skills sharp Every role from management to intern positions require soft skills. Communication, people skills and expressing yourself are ever so essential. Especially, if you are considering moving up that famous corporate ladder.

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