There is a craze desire to improve quality and productivity at the work place. The world is edging towards perfection and hence there is no room for slackness, or half-results. With this, comes the ultimate challenge on the employer on how to improve and maintain productivity in his/her organization. Here are some ten great ideas an employer can use to achieve maximize results.

  1. Foster Accountability:

Make every employee aware that they are accountable for their actions and decisions. With that in mind, they can work more meticulously, and also take cautions rather that enter into reckless decisions. This will also help them not to take advantage of the workplace, their positions, or relationships with the superiors.

  1. Follow up:

At times employers will set targets and feel their job is done. However, every target or milestone set, needs to be followed up as well to see if the progress is sufficient or not: whether there are measures that can be taken before it is too late to salvage a situation. Doing follow up will also keep the employees on track and ensure there is consistent efforts throughout the lifetime of the project.

  1. Manage the work force but avoid micromanagement:

The reality is; a large pool of employees does not need to be managed, provided direction or given assistance, but desire to trusted, given freedom to operate in their style and adopt measures which they think are the best to deliver results. Giving your employees the freedom to act as they deem fit helps them to remain motivated and happy in the belief they are trusted. Micromanaging your staff is a human tendency that is detrimental to achievement, since it makes mere puppets out of employees, who are expected to tow the boss’ line and not think for themselves.

  1. Find ways to Motivate, encourage, reward and recognize your staff:

You should remember the greatest resource in your organization is the human resource. As an employer, have words of encouragement for your staff. Encouraging them and urging them on will help them move forward and do even better. Find innovative ways of rewarding the hard work put in your employees. This will make them feel appreciated for their efforts.

  1. Demand realistic targets

As an employer, set realistic goals that are within the limits of achievement. While an aggressive employer may want his people to outstretch themselves to achieve farfetched goals, it may also burn them out.

  1. Encourage team work

Create an environment that encourages team work. Team work always helps in increasing workplace productivity since there is more input in the form of more ideas and minds at work. Working alone is not always the happiest situation either, especially in the field. Successful team building and working together is bound to bring out the best out of the employees who may also then compete with each other hence ensuring the business is the winner.

  1. Ensure that people enjoy their work

The best performing employee is the happy employee, and the employer has to find ways of making his people happy. Besides working conditions and the work culture implemented, the employer has to devise ways of making the work seem challenging and interesting rather than mundane and boring.

  1. How about courses and improvement options

Employees are delighted when they can enhance their skills and get additional learning opportunities sponsored fully or partly by the employer. This helps them learn, feel indebted for the money being spent on them, which also adds to their resume, and are obliged to perform better by applying all the knowledge gained in these courses.

  1. Spend less time on meetings and more on action

There is a trend of having more meetings and discussion rather than spending more time working to achieve results. This leads to loss of precious productive time. Keep meetings for reviews and sharing ideas limited and short. Give your employees more time to show results.

10. Provide tools and equipment to raise productivity

Finally, the workplace must have the best machinery, devices and equipment that yield error free results in the minimum possible time. Efficient electronic equipment with no connectivity issues and breakdowns will help to save precious time. They should take the place of paper work, and yield fast results. Some of these include: Laptops, tablet computers, latest applications and software that offers quick connectivity and access, Digital recorders-these help to record thoughts and new ideas when they strike, when no paper is available and the fear is of forgetting the idea, and such. The idea is to have devices that enhance efficiency and subsequently productivity at the work place.

Having these ideas in mind, there is no limit to the much you can achieve.


Source : Ethiojobs

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