About SAMMAKKA STONES PLC Sammakka Stones PLC is a certified company which has a state of the art Granite Slab processing plant with an installed capacity of capable of producing 3,00,000 square Meters per Sammakka Stones is currently processing 60 colors consisting of all the premium colors available in India. We have our factory located in the strategic region of Hyderabad and have a capacity of 300,000 square meters per Annum. Our state of the art facility boasts of one Multiwire, six Gangsaws, two Polishing lines, and one Resign line all from Breton, Italy. We also have two Bridge saw and an Edge profiling machine from Commanduli. We also have our own quarries in colors like Tan Brown, Tan Brown Classic, Coffee Brown, Giallo Artic, River White and River Gold. Our color palate consists of colors from all parts of the world. Apart from our own quarries we process other colors like Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Steel Grey, Black Pearl, Moon White, Black Forest and many more from India. Our international range consists of Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl from Norway, Baltic Brown from Finland, Tropic Brown from Saudi Arabia, Brown Antique, Blues in the Night from Angola and other exotics from Brazil. We take great care in meeting our client’s requirements and building our relation. Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals works around the clock to provide top quality customer service. Our strength lies in our deep relationship we harvest with our clients. To meet the growing demand of Natural Quartz Surfaces, Sammakka Stones has also set up a new state of the art project at Hyderabad. Equipped with latest technology to manufacture Natural Quartz Surfaces, we are proud to introduce “Krystallos” it’s Natural Quartz Engineered Stone. We bring in Krystallos for the people who desire fashion in stone. We thrive with the principles of trust and customer satisfaction. Do visit us at www.krystallos.in for further information.